How to Make Your Job Search More Successful


Looking for a new career is a process that requires dedication and time. Through our experience, we have noticed a few simple things that are not always utilized by candidates who apply for our positions.  We have compiled a few very simple things to keep in mind to increase the chance of getting an interview.

The first thing we recommend is the utilization of online resources. It is no secret that LinkedIn is a heavily used tool in candidate search for employers. Having a LinkedIn account that is up to date with detailed content is a huge advantage to job seekers. It is possible that when a resume is submitted, the recruiter or hiring manager may want to find the candidate on LinkedIn. You may also want to consider that an up to date and detailed LinkedIn profile is much more likely to come up as a search result. We recommend using a photo in your profile as well. It is more likely for someone to want to contact an individual who has a photo associated with their professional profile. If you are applying through Indeed or any other job board, make sure the formatting of your resume is easy to follow and understand.

When you have submitted your resume, or have been actively looking for a new position, be sure to have your phone number and your email visible on your resume. Some organizations prefer to email, and some prefer to call. We think it is best to have both listed to cover all the bases. On that note, it is important to have a professional voicemail recording with room to leave a message. If an individual is calling you from a resume you submitted and they are unable to leave a voicemail or the recording is not professional, they may not try again.

The third thing to note, is any open job is time sensitive. A job search can certainly take time, but responding to emails, voicemail, and any other communication promptly can make a difference in terms of getting an interview. Even if you need to respond by scheduling a time you are able to speak in detail, it is better to do so than not responding for a few days. It is possible that within a day or two, the hiring manager may no longer consider new candidates for their position.

If you are looking for a new opportunity, send your resume to with a short description of what you are looking for! If you have any questions, please call us at 416-979-7303. Happy job hunting!



New to interviewing with Recruiters? Here are some tips from Peak


Interviews can be stressful, and it can be a challenge to know what to expect. Every organization has a different way of conducting interviews, and this can lead to some confusion when preparing for an interview. As Recruiters, we understand both sides of an interview; interviewing a candidate for a client’s position, and preparing the candidate to interview with the client directly. At Peak, we meet with every candidate face to face, giving us a lot of exposure to different interviewing styles and techniques, as well as the difference between interviewing with a Recruiter, and with the organization that will ultimately do the hiring. We do not think an interview with a Recruiter should be difficult or stressful, and it certainly should not be confusing.

A few tips from the team at Peak Associates for interviewing with a Recruiter:

  1. Be descriptive when describing your ideal position – we are in the business of finding the best fit for our clients and candidates. Our role is to assess skills, qualifications, and overall fit. The more information we have, the more we have to work with when considering you for opportunities. Withholding information may take away from your success long term. A big part of being descriptive is being honest and open about your history, and your career goals. A good Recruiter wants you to progress in your career through opportunities that will benefit you professionally and be aligned with what you are looking for. The more information you provide about your professional past and where you hope to be in your future, the better.
  2. Interview with a Recruiter the way you would interview at your dream company – the impression you leave on each and every person you interview during your job search is a vital part of the process. It is important to present yourself in the way you would like to be presented to the client, because ultimately that is what happens. If the Recruiter feels as though you are a strong candidate for the opportunity, you will be presented to the client as such. Be sure to be mindful of your body language, and eye contact. Being engaged and showing your interest are huge factors in how you present yourself.
  3. Be on time (which means a bit early)- this goes for every interview – ever. We recommend our candidates show up about 10-15 minutes early for an interview, to ensure they are covered in case something happens during their commute, or for any paperwork or introductions that may occur. It is always best to be early.
  4. Dress professionally – an interview is one of the most important first impressions, and one should dress to impress – literally. We recommend professional attire, and a groomed and polished look. Some things to avoid include: leggings, chipped nail polish, exposed shoulders, casual clothing, and sneakers. Ultimately, rely on the fact that being overdressed is appropriate, and being under dressed is not. Especially when interviewing with a Recruiter, keep in mind that how you present yourself is part of your overall candidate profile, for current and future opportunities.
  5. Be mindful – body language and eye contact are important when interviewing, no matter what. Try to avoid fidgeting with anything on the table in front of you, leaning over on your chair, or touching your hair or face often. Eye contact is huge – we can not stress this enough. When answering questions, engage in eye contact when speaking, and try to avoid looking around the room during the conversation. If you seem distracted, or disinterested, the interview may not go as well as you had hoped.
  6. Ask questions – if there are details you would like to know about the position you are being interviewed for, or the recruiting process itself, be sure to ask. Not all processes are the same, but at Peak we pride ourselves in being open and transparent throughout our recruiting process. We understand this is your career, and ultimately you need to be comfortable and excited about the opportunity. We recommend clarifying any information you feel you are missing, so you are able to make the best assessment of the opportunity for your career path.
  7. Relax and enjoy the process- meeting new people is a great opportunity, and speaking with them is a skill to master. When going through interviews, try to see it as a learning opportunity, and a chance to grow and develop your personal brand. We know it is easier said than done, but it really does make a difference to see an interview as an exciting opportunity, rather than something to just get through.


We have been successfully placing candidates in great careers for 25 years, and we are always looking to meet driven individuals looking for their next opportunity. Email your resume to to connect with us.

Temporary Staffing – According to Peak Associates


Summer is an exciting time for us all. Everyone deserves a break, but unfortunately most work cannot be put on hold. We know it is important to have coverage for vacations or short term leave, if your organization is to continue to run smoothly. At Peak Associates, we have 25 years of experience placing Temporary candidates, with limited notice, at high volumes. We utilize our extensive database of candidates to ensure the best talent is available as soon as they are needed. As leading corporate recruiters, we understand the skills and qualifications required for a successful Temporary employee, and the importance of identifying the right candidate in a timely manner to meet your deadlines.

Temporary Positions from an Organization’s Perspective:

We get it, you are running a successful business, and your team is working hard. When someone leaves for a period of time, it can create a stressful scenario. At Peak, we have experience placing Temporary candidates in various functional areas and industries, and we are here to tell you there is always a solution. You need to find a Recruitment Partner that understands your business, is familiar with the individuals and culture of your organization, and can deliver quality candidates at a minute’s notice. Our Temporary Services aim to relieve the stress, and allow you to continue to focus on what is important – your business.

Temporary Positions from a Candidate’s Perspective:

If you are looking to gain professional experience, learn new skills, or supplement your income, Temporary placements can be the ideal fit. Temporary work may also be a great option for those between jobs or who work on a seasonal basis. Short term commitments allow for fast paced learning in a variety of different environments. Over the years, we have been successful in thousands of Temporary placements, and worked with many candidates who find themselves hired permanently from a Temporary assignment. It is an imperative part of the staffing industry, and opens up many doors for candidates, spanning every industry.

If you need temporary staffing assistance, at any time of the year, contact us at (416) 979-7303 or email us at

If you are a job seeker, looking to expand your skills and experience, please send us your resume with a brief summary of what you are looking for to