About Us

About Peak Associates

Flexible staffing to meet your every need.

As one of Toronto’s leading recruitment firms, Peak Associates has earned a professional reputation for meeting the needs of demanding clients from small to large; recruiting for junior through to C-suite level roles.

We strive to find the best administrative, accounting, and managerial talent to help our clients meet their objectives.

Peak Associates invites you to ease the worry and anxiety of the hiring process and let our specialists leverage industry expertise to find the perfect candidate for your business.

Why Partner With Us?

We know your business and we know how to help you grow your business.

Peak Associates understands that the key to success is collaboration between clients and candidates.

Many talented people are already working for your competitors. At Peak Associates, we make it our #1 priority to identify and build relationships with these professionals, selecting only the most qualified individuals to put forward for your consideration.

Our Guarantee to Our Clients

Our clients benefit by paying only for success.

We understand that the hiring process can be disruptive to your business and an investment in the wrong candidate can be costly.

With Peak Associates, all candidates are guaranteed. At any time during the guarantee period should you choose to terminate the employee, or should the employee leave for any reason, we will conduct the replacement search at no additional cost.

Our Value

Our role is to save you time and money.


  • Drawing on our extensive database, we reduce the time it takes to get to the interview process.
  • You eliminate time spent speaking to the incompatible candidates or pouring over unsuitable resumes.
  • You meet only pre-qualified candidates.
  • We make all offers and negotiate compensation on your behalf.


  • You avoid advertising, which may not reach your target audience and provides no guarantee of a return on your investment.
  • By partnering with Peak Associates, your staff is not diverted from their primary functions in order to recruit
  • You pay only upon the successful completion of our assignment.
  • You can rely on our guarantee

Our Selection Process

A business partnership – not a transactional relationship.

Each candidate presented to our clients has been thoroughly interviewed and tested by at least two consultants within our organization. All candidates are screened and assessed during an interview with Peak Associates, based on job qualifications and specifications. Candidates undergo an in-person interview, where they are assessed for knowledge, skills, abilities, and personality fit. Candidates then undergo aptitude and written assessments, as well as complete any further testing pertaining to each client’s requirements.

Our Strategy

A collaborative approach.

Peak Associates works collaboratively among all staff members to meet a client’s staffing objectives and deliver high quality candidates. Our team approach and strong candidate network allows us to act quickly and effectively, especially when faced with tight turnaround times and heavy volumes.

At Peak Associates, we value long term relationships with our clients. At the client’s discretion, we can assist with the offer preparation, presentation, negotiation, and participate in the critical transition period to assist the new hire in becoming an integral part of your team.