“Working with Peak Associates has been an absolute pleasure and the biggest turning point in my professional career. Given the current landscape of the job market, finding and securing an opportunity in-line with your interests can often be challenging and stressful. This is where Peak Associates can add value. Throughout the five interviews with my current employer, I was given valuable advice both before and after each interview. Not only to prepare for the interview accordingly, but also to fully understand whether the opportunity was something I wanted to pursue. All in all, I highly recommend Peak Associates’ guidance and expertise.”
–Matthew L., Research Associate

       “Applying for a job is always a nerve wracking task. Having Peak Associates help me along the way was a tremendous advantage. By fully evaluating my skills with aptitude tests as well as in person interviews, they were able to set me up with opportunities that were perfectly suited to my career goals!
       I’m proud to say that I’m currently working in a position that was presented to me by Peak Associates, I owe the company my sincere gratitude, and I would highly recommend them to anyone!”
– Sid V., Junior Accountant

   “Peak Associates helped me to secure my first job upon graduating from Centennial College. The process was personal and quick; they took the time to get to know me and to quickly get me in touch with employers that matched my criteria. With the help of Peak Associates, I was able to find a new career within a few short weeks and during my first couple months they followed up with me to ensure that I was happy with my placement. I would recommend Peak Associates to any new or recent grads.”
– Lawrence O., IT & Network Support

       “As the end of my University career approached, I held an extreme amount of stress when it came to securing a full-time job in my field. Peak Associates really aided in removing that stress. From the initial interview to the follow-up calls, I truly felt like the staff cared about me as an individual as well as for my success. With the help of Peak Associates, I now work for an amazing company in my field doing what I love!”
–Bianca C., Marketing and Demographics Assistant

       “As a recent graduate of the University of Toronto Mississauga from a Bachelor of Arts program, I was both excited and worried to finish my University career and begin the journey of job hunting. Thankfully, Peak Associates reached out to me with many great opportunities in which they were able to set up interviews for me with. They were able to help me with finding opportunities in my field and specifically for my skills set.
       A few weeks later, Peak Associates set me up for an interview with one of their clients. They followed up with me afterwards thoroughly and made sure I was comfortable with the interview and working with that company. In the span of a few weeks, I had signed my contract! Peak Associates helped me greatly with jump starting my career and I cannot thank them enough!”
– Monique F., Customer Care Representative

       “Working with Peak Associates has been an absolute pleasure. When I finished school with no professional experience, Peak gave me the opportunities to bolster my resume; not to mention placing me in my first permanent professional position. I felt completely supported and endlessly encouraged throughout the entire process. I will always be grateful for everything they have done for me, and my career.”
– Amanda B., Administrative & Project Assistant

       “I recently graduated from Seneca College with a Diploma in Accounting. I started to apply for jobs on my own and registered with different employment agencies to help me find work. Six months had gone by, I attended job fairs, interviews and workshops but still had not received any opportunities to work in my field. I was frustrated and slowly started to believe that I wouldn’t get a chance to in Accounting. Fortunately, I applied to one of Peak Associates’ jobs and had an interview with them. I met the President of Peak Associates during the interview. She is very friendly and supportive and understands how hard it is for a new graduate to find a job in Canada. The rest of the Peak Team was also so nice and patient with me, and accommodated my needs. Peak Associates has been very helpful to me in finding a permanent job in my field so quickly. I am now working as an Accounts Receivable Representative. I always refer my friends to Peak Associates for their own success stories, and I am very grateful to them for changing my career life.”
– Aarthikka N., A/R Representative