Temporary Staffing – According to Peak Associates


Summer is an exciting time for us all. Everyone deserves a break, but unfortunately most work cannot be put on hold. We know it is important to have coverage for vacations or short term leave, if your organization is to continue to run smoothly. At Peak Associates, we have 25 years of experience placing Temporary candidates, with limited notice, at high volumes. We utilize our extensive database of candidates to ensure the best talent is available as soon as they are needed. As leading corporate recruiters, we understand the skills and qualifications required for a successful Temporary employee, and the importance of identifying the right candidate in a timely manner to meet your deadlines.

Temporary Positions from an Organization’s Perspective:

We get it, you are running a successful business, and your team is working hard. When someone leaves for a period of time, it can create a stressful scenario. At Peak, we have experience placing Temporary candidates in various functional areas and industries, and we are here to tell you there is always a solution. You need to find a Recruitment Partner that understands your business, is familiar with the individuals and culture of your organization, and can deliver quality candidates at a minute’s notice. Our Temporary Services aim to relieve the stress, and allow you to continue to focus on what is important – your business.

Temporary Positions from a Candidate’s Perspective:

If you are looking to gain professional experience, learn new skills, or supplement your income, Temporary placements can be the ideal fit. Temporary work may also be a great option for those between jobs or who work on a seasonal basis. Short term commitments allow for fast paced learning in a variety of different environments. Over the years, we have been successful in thousands of Temporary placements, and worked with many candidates who find themselves hired permanently from a Temporary assignment. It is an imperative part of the staffing industry, and opens up many doors for candidates, spanning every industry.

If you need temporary staffing assistance, at any time of the year, contact us at (416) 979-7303 or email us at virginia@nullpeakassociates.com

If you are a job seeker, looking to expand your skills and experience, please send us your resume with a brief summary of what you are looking for to resumes@nullpeakassociates.com